Law firm marketing should be created for the specific law firm; after all, there are many types of law and law practices. Relevance is key. Here are five key strategies to help your law firm create relevant marketing content.

1. Build a functional website.

A strong marketing message is easily expressed on a functional website. Your law firm needs a website that can be navigated at any level of technological prowess. You should include an area where potential clients can read reviews, look for frequently asked questions that are answered, and figure out what your firm stands for. Don’t forget to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. After all, many potential clients use a phone much more often than a laptop or computer.

2. Create relevant content.

Your website needs relevant content to explain your services and answer why your firm is the best possible choice for any future client. You could post articles or links to articles on news websites. You can film testimonials from past clients that appreciated your work on their cases. Include infographics and visual aids too.

3. Have a social media presence.

Like most other businesses, law firm marketing has taken a turn towards social media marketing. Your firm should have a social media presence, as more and more consumers rely on these sites to find products and services. Again, your posts should be relevant, and they should also include a link to your firm’s website. Do not offer legal advice on social media; people will undoubtedly ask, but you should refer these questions to your website too.

4. Use data to your advantage.

Analyze your law firm marketing strategies to ensure you are making headway online. If your website is getting more traffic than your social media accounts, you can find out why by using data analytics. Then, take that data and create a new strategy around it.

On top of that, you should advertise your law firm’s success data. People want to see that their potential lawyer or team of lawyers is good at their job. This will also give your firm a sense of transparency and help you build trust with your clients.

5. Improve constantly.

Lastly, be ready to make improvements and implement changes. Trends in marketing change constantly, so you should follow the new trends to make your law firm as relevant as possible.

Marketing is a hugely important part of all businesses, including law firms. Tailor your marketing specifically to your target clients and hopefully, you will see more business soon.


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