Why do you need to have access to and full control of all of your business’s digital assets?

Our company does not work in cybersecurity; however, several events got our wheels turning about this topic.

A frightening event recently happened to a customer. Their webmaster passed away and this business had no credentials to access their website.

Most of the customers we have onboarded to our marketing platform have been missing access to one or more of their digital assets. Fortunately, we can usually help hunt down this information for them.

From a marketing standpoint, these are the items you need to record in a list:

  • The URL Link to the digital asset
  • Your Login Name
  • Your Login Password

The digital assets you need access to and control of for marketing include:

  • Website
  • Logo in an EPS file
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads
  • Google Local Services
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Instagram Business Page
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitter

If there are people or entities no longer performing work for your business, remove their access to your digital assets.

While you are reviewing your digital assets and making your list, make sure that all people and entities who have access to your accounts still need them.

It is acceptable to give administrative rights to people and entities who work on behalf of your business. The type of access that should be granted varies by digital asset.

Other types of digital assets you may want to include with your marketing digital asset list:


  • Training Materials
  • Brand Guide
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Emails
  • Competitive Sell Sheets


  • Emails
  • Brochures/datasheets
  • Whitepapers/eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Blog articles
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Audio Podcasts

For full protection of these assets, turn to the professionals!

According to mainstream news, cyber-attacks are on the rise. Many companies are being hacked by ransomware and having to pay large sums to get access to their business restored. More people are trying to hack into your personal and business information.

Since we are not authorized to advise on this subject, we suggest you do some research and find a cybersecurity provider that best suits your business’s needs. Forbes Magazine has some additional suggestions:

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